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No idea what to tweet about? I can help.

Whether you are new to Twitter or a seasoned pro, there might be days you just don’t know what to tweet. Easy option is not to tweet, maybe tomorrow will bring some inspiration. But if you really want to tweet something, then here are some suggestions (as used by seasoned pro’s everywhere):

  • Did you send someone an email today? Is that person on Twitter? Tweet them to say you‘ve send them an email. Because they are more likely to check Twitter for messages than their email, right?
  • Maybe you already tweeted something earlier today. A piece of news perhaps. Wait until the afternoon and tweet it again. But add “In case you missed it earlier” to the tweet. Because, you know, your followers may not have noticed it while they were checking your email.
  • Eating toast? You could tweet that. But be careful not to get crumbs all over your keyboard.

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