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"I just hope they put it to good use"

The other day I was talking to an 86 year old about the web. He never had any need to use computers in his working life, and as a result the web is something that passed him by. And he said this: “I know it has a lot of possibilities, and I just hope people put it to good use”.

The first thing that made me think of was cat videos. And how to lose belly fat - fast. And all the other websites that serve no one in particular, except the vanity of the person who created them.

But then it made me think deeper. What do I do with the web? Am I putting it to good use, or am I using it as a way to pass the time? The answer: a bit of both.

When building client websites it’s all about the benefits a website can bring to their business. But on a personal level the web is a cheap form of entertainment - although cat videos and belly fat aren’t my thing.

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