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Web Design process

Good work takes time. Time spent learning about your business, your audience and the outcomes you have in mind.


Kick-off meeting with plenty of questions from me to learn about your business, your requirements and outcomes.

This will give us a clear overview of the target audience, structure of the website, the required functionality and the visual direction.

We will also discuss your budget, deadlines and deliverables.

After the meeting I will put together a proposal with a fixed quote for the project. If you are happy to proceed I will invoice you with the first payment. As soon as you have paid this I will schedule you in my diary.


Based on what I have learned from you at the kick-off meeting I will research competitors and visual inspiration.

The outcome will be a style inspiration document with typography, colour and visual styles for the look and feel of the website. You will be invited to provide feedback.


The content architecture of a website is a key element in making a site easy to navigate and convert visitors into customers. I will put together a sitemap of the website and include key content elements for each page or template. Alongside this I will create wireframes to get an idea of the layout for each page.

If you have any content missing at this point, you can use this as a guide to help you create the missing pieces. You will need to have all content ready before we can proceed to the next stage.


Using the wireframes, your content and the style inspiration document I will design the look and feel of your website. Some of this will be in the form of static images, some might be an interactive protoype to see how the design will work in a real environment.

You will be able to give feedback on the progress.


Once you are happy with the design I will proceed building the website, using clean code and a mobile first approach. This will help to make your website search engine friendly. I will implement the functionality for the content management system and any additional functionality we agreed upon. Once the code is in place I will add the styling elements and check how the site looks on a variety of devices and browser widths.

At the end of this stage you will be able to view your site in a browser and provide feedback.


When you are happy with the site build we can launch the website. At this point I will invoice you for the final payment and give you a one-hour in person training session on how to use the admin end of the website and provide you with a user guide.

For the first month after the launch of the website I will iron any bugs and minor changes.

07... and beyond

Once your site is up and running I won't disappear into the sunset. I will still be on hand to help you with maintaining and growing your site. A website is for life and not just for Christmas.

Interested in working together?

Do you have a project in mind? Get in touch and we can discuss the best solution that will fit your needs.

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