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Smashing Conference, Freiburg

Summary of the Smashing Conference in Freiburg.

Day 1:

  • Rachel Andrew: When using CSS grid @support is your friend.
  • Alla Kholmatova: The right design system for you is where you are able to manage the downsides effectively.
  • Michael Riethmuller: A media query does a hard change of a setting at that point. This causes stress points to the design just before and after the media query.
  • Emanuela & Matteo: People don’t know what they want, until they are using it.
  • Mathias Biilmann: Nevermind full stack. This talk introduced JAM-stack (JavaScript, APIs and Markup).

Day 2:

  • Yiying Lu: Be ready to capture ideas everywhere.
  • Christopher Wright: In order to successfully experiment we need to do it wrong.
  • Alma Hoffmann: Harness your creative mind. Use it or lose it.
  • Sara Ramos & Tiago Pedras: Plan, but be ready to improvise and iterate.

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