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Notable Mention

A few months ago An Event Apart announced this years edition of the 10k competition, and so I set out to build another little 10k web application. And guess what? My entry is one of the Notable Mentions in the competition. That's not a win, but I did receive some books as a price, so that's sort of a win.

How far to the top of the world

My entry, How Far to the Top of the World, uses geolocation to determine where you are and then calculates the distance between you and Mount Everest. I admit that it's not an application that is going to save the world, but it has been fun to make and I learned a few useful things about geolocation, Google Maps, SVG images and providing fall backs for geolocation fails and when JavaScript is not enabled.

The books I received as a price proofed to be very useful when building the application (I had already bought and read them as e-books earlier in the year) and I would recommend them to anyone serious about designing and building websites.

  • Adaptive Web Design by Aaron Gustafson gives an overview of progressive enhancement and how to apply it to give users access to the content without technological restrictions.
  • Responsive Web Design by Ethan Marcotte explains the fine art of responsive web design and guides you through the techniques and design principles needed to deliver a quality experience to your users regardless of the size of their display.

So there, I am a Notably Mentioned Web Designer.

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