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The Future of Web Design 2010

Another year, another Future of Web Design conference in London. This year the event was spread over two days, with two tracks as well, so lots of speakers, lots to learn, lots to take away.

I have heard and seen so much that I am just going to summerize it:

  • Websites don't need to be experienced the same in every browser - Dan Cederholm
  • Robin Christopherson showed us an accessible alternative to captcha. A free service called text captcha.
  • Aaron Walter advocated the importance of emotional interface design. "Don't just make it usable, make it pleasurable".
  • I learned from Niamh Phelan from IQContent that there is a lot more to Google Analytics than knowing how many people visited your website yesterday.
  • Simon Collison had a look into the future of web design and predicted the launch of the iBoard. Forget about nonchalantly placing an iPad on your coffee table - the iBoard will BE the coffee table.
  • Elliot Jay Stocks pointed out the importance of making time for pet projects. They allow you to express yourself and can be used in promoting your business too.
  • HTML5 looks exciting! Thanks to Bruce Lawson's demo.
  • Brett Welch - Don't build websites, sell an online business.
  • Paul Boag stepped in for a last minute session on Track 2 on Wednesday and talked off the cuff about running a web design business. He said that you need a life outside of web design - it will make you a better web designer.
  • Spotted the first iPad at 9.50 on Wednesday morning in Ryan Carson's hands.
  • Spotted five iPads in total - I had expected to see more of them.
  • The Brewery (where the event took place) does the best conference food I have ever had.
  • And finally I got some good feedback from Simon Collison and Mike Kus at the design clinic where I showed them a project I am currently working on.

And that's it. Can't wait for next year. Thank you very much Carsonified to put on such a great event.

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