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The Future of Web Design 2009 – London

I attended my first conference in web design two weeks ago and I couldn't have picked a better one to start with.

The conference was the Future of Web Design 2009 in London, organised by Carsonified. The line-up of speakers included some impressive names in the field of web design - the type of people you know from their blogs, websites or books. To see AND hear them speak in person made them even more impressive.

The presentations that stuck with me the most were Meagan Fisher from SimpleBits (I am attending a workshop with Dan Cederholm in November) talking about designing for mobile interfaces, and Robin Christopherson from AbilityNet, pointing out the flaws on the web when it comes to accessibility. As a visually impaired user he checks out mobile versions of sites on a regular browser, because they usually only display the essence of a site, making reading the page much easier.

And then there was Mark Boulton talking about typography on the web and Mike Kus, with some brilliant slides, demonstrating that graphic design is a forgotten web standard.

All in all it was a great day and I already look forward to next year's edition.

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