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New Adventures in Web Design

A little summary of my adventure at New Adventures in Web Design, which took place in Nottingham this week. This was my first conference of the year and it was kicked off in style, thanks to the excellent organisation of Simon Collison and Greg Wood. Thanks for that, and see you next year.

The Trent Walton Workshop

The adventure started with a workshop on Controlling Web Typography with Trent Walton. Half a day full of tips and tricks you can use with some type, HTML, CSS and jQuery.

The Conference

Like last year the line-up of speakers was impressive and all the talks were linked on a common theme: Design. So many good things were said, and here is a summary in tweets.

  • All clients are created equal, but some are more equal than others. - Daniel Mall
  • Make something that matters by using your knowledge to give something back. - Naomi Susi
  • "We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master." - @rockthenroll
  • Step away from the computer - it encourages positive disruption. - @rougebert
  • We should break things like our lives depend on it. - Trent Walton
  • It's 2013 and you're back here and you didn't do something - you fucked up.- Cameron Koczon
  • "I made it in yellow because it's important" - Cameron Koczon
  • Be balanced: reclaim your creativity. - Denise Jacobs
  • We are paid by the client but we make work for the audience. - Frank Chimero

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