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Ampersand Conference

A summary of the conference in Brighton last Friday.

Indra Kupferschmid

  • Reading long text encourages continuity. Links in long text should styled, but not in a disruptive way so that it breaks the continuity.
  • The design and layout of pages should give a clear sign of importance and hierarchy of the content. A visitor should not have to second guess what they need to read first, next and so on.

Marcin Wichary

Marcin works at Medium and is responsible to make sure the typography looks good at all times. This often means hunting down tiny bugs. Sometimes fixing something here results in breaking something there. But he is on a mission. He doesn't give up. He cares about typography. He cares a lot about typography.

Jen Simmons

Responsive layouts in websites are all starting to look the same and Jen Simmons wants to get us out of that rud. She made an excellent case to get us all excited about flex box and CSS shapes. But the core message is that your layout should serve your content. And not the current trend .

Bruno Maag

His design agency created a new typeface for Amazon Kindles. The criteria for the typeface were improving reading speed, comprehension and emotional acceptance. The new typeface translates into having time to read two more books per year in the same time it took you last year.

Lu Yu

She talked about the challenges of designing for China. The thing that stood out the most is that font size is important on Chinese websites. Chinese characters are square in shape. Make the font size too small and you end up with little black boxes.

Sarah Hyndman

What effect can a typeface have? The choice of a typeface can be a powerful decision. According to Hyndman's research it can make chocolate taste more expensive. But no typeface will ever make me like milk chocolate.

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